what if

First, forget everything you know (or think you know), about furries.

“Dreaming of Utopia” is a mature comic (PG-13) that takes place the early 1990’s. Imagine there are no furry conventions, no furry culture as it exists in the real world, either then or now. Further, there is no Internet to speak of, no webcomics, no smart phones, iPods, tablets, DVDs, or other present-day technology to get in the way of our story. Just people.

For the purposes of our story, furries are not anthropomorphic animals, real animals, magical animals, animal-human hybrids, or aliens. Furries are people (that is to say, human beings), who practice a religion called Furryism. And being a furry isn’t easy.

This story is a culmination of several ideas and concerns that have been growing in my mind over time.

In recent years, thanks mainly to conservative media, bigotry, intolerance, racism, antisemitism, and prejudices we all thought long-buried have once again crawled out from beneath the rock they were hiding under, and tried to pass themselves off as “mainstream.” Today, the favorite target of choice for these voices of hate is the Muslim. Yesterday, Latinos were their target. The day before that, it was gays. Before that, it was Mexicans, or blacks, or Asians, or Native Americans, or Poles, or Jews, or the Irish.

Would a minority made up of furries fare any better? They, too, are just as human as anyone else, but the “sin” of any minority is that they are different. The other. They become an easy scapegoat for any ills in society, real or imagined. And furries are definitely different.

If Utopian Furries were real, I have no doubt they too would become targets of violence, ridicule, and bigotry simply for who they are and what they choose to believe. In that sense, this story is all too real. It is an American story, one we’ve seen played out again and again. But there is also more to this story, much more, just as there is more to being a minority than being victimized by the purveyors of hate, bigotry, and ignorance.

There’s another side to tell. It is also our story… a story of each and every one of us who is yearning for something better from a world that only makes promises of brighter tomorrows, and rarely delivers.

This is a story for everyone, everywhere, who is dreaming of Utopia…


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