You may not believe this, but for a decade or so GM just kept cranking out the exact same model of car with only the most minimal of changes. The Caprice Classic was no exception. I had a ’77 and every other Caprice Classic from three or five years before and five or so years after it, was practically identical. Not only that, but they cranked out the Impala and Malibu with the exact same body style as the Caprice. Even the choice of colors was identical! I guess they knew a good thing when they saw it. Never had the wagon, though, just a sedan. I admit, I’m a bit nostalgic for the station wagon. Screw you, minivans and SUVs! I’d love for the station wagon to make a comeback. This one is a 1978 Caprice Estate wagon, but it could just as easily be a ’79, or a ’76, or a 1980.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know there’ll be a website outage coming up in the first week of September. Among other things, I want to switch to a new host, and knowing how lousy I am at coding, I may have some reconstruction to do. So, bad news, the site will be offline for about a month. I don’t like to do that, but it can’t be helped, so there it is. Good news, the site will indeed come back, and in the meantime I’ll post the new pages over on Patreon. You don’t hafta pledge to see them, they’ll be available to everyone. I think I’ll just temporarily redirect the URL there so it’s easy to find. I might put them on Facebook and DA, too, at least temporarily. So you won’t miss any pages in the long run. Anyway, once the site it put back together again I’ll post them there, too.

What adventures await our heroes with this wooden-paneled ocean liner..? I can’t wait to find out!