Here’s the cover of my new comic, “Dreaming of Utopia.” It’s a furry comic, but not the way you think. My furries aren’t the pervy, fetishy, sexualized, furporn ones, neither are they the magic-sparkle-Twilight-emo-fairy-princess-Disney Dust variety. They are also not anthros, despite the fact they have a full range of facial expression (that’s more to do with my crappy art skills than anything the furries do). These are furries in a more serious, more mature vein (i.e., “Furries… for REAL!”). The furries in this story are people who wear fursuits as part of their religion (more on that way later on). I’d say this comic is probably PG-13, mostly for language, and some violent images, so it’s not for little kids.

I’m making the comic using Manga Studio Debut 4.0, with text and coloring in Photoshop CS4. I’m also sub-domanining it off of my regular webcomic site, at least for now, which is why some URLs may point you to Autumn Lake. I’ll be fleshing out the website with more pages and info and stuff like that as we go. There’s no actual RSS or anything for it yet; I still hafta build all that.

This is a project to help me stretch a bit and play with some of the different software packages. I think I have a pretty good story, albeit a long one.

Hope you enjoy!