Okay! Website is back up and running. I think I got all the broken links and pictures fixed. If you find one, please let me know. Still a lot I would like to do, so I’ll keep tweaking things as time permits. But the site is back and suitably functional, so it’s time to begin our new story.

I call it “Blue Note: A Furry Nocturne,” and we’ll be working with a limited palette of colors. This could go one of two ways. It could be really good, or it could be one of those projects you start with high hopes and soon regret having gotten into when it doesn’t work, but we’ll give it a whirl anyway and see what happens.

This one is about music and stuff. Not that I know anything about music. I can’t play any instruments. Kazoo, maybe. And when I look at a sheet of music, it may as well be written in hieroglyphics. I kinda hate that. I have no aptitude for music whatsoever. Probably because it’s vaguely related to math, and I hate that, too. But I do love music, the same as anyone else, and I’d love to be able to play, even poorly. Anyway, our new story is about a horny furry. A horn-playing furry that is (sorry, but I don’t make the other kind).

On the “regret” side, I already have one in that I’ve chosen the saxophone, which is a real pain in the ass to draw. It has all of these little doodads and flibbety-widgets all over it which makes the instrument complex to draw when you want it to be rendered somewhat accurately. Alas, the die has been cast.